The day will surely come, my friend, when football will exist only in The Matrix. Why should humans risk serious injury and National Anthems by the Oak Ridge Boys when we can play the whole damn game on an Xbox? We're a step closer to that already, as LSU has revealed that its quarterbacks — Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux — prepare for games by playing a customized Xbox game called the PlayAction Simulator.

The game looks and plays just like the popular Madden NFL and NCAA football games, though all the goofy stuff such as player celebrations, cheering crowds, mascots and bands have been removed. LSU and Tennessee were the first schools to use it this season and it went well enough that XOS expects to make it available to all its clients this year. The company provides technology to most Division I schools. "The video game is an excellent resource we have," Perrilloux said. "Whenever we hit a play, that play would automatically match up with the defense that we would see or blitz we would see. If you make the wrong decision it's an automatic interception or it's an automatic incompletion."

How did Bowling Green prepare for the GMAC Bowl, we wonder? Pong? Asteroids? This?


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