I just love it when a journalist develops a man crush on an athlete and loses all perspective. It seems to happen a lot with Brett Favre for some reason; perhaps its his indominable spirit ... or his eyes, which are like limpid pools ... . Anyway, count Frank Cooney, founder and publisher of The Sports Xchange, as one who has been captured by the Packers quarterback's undeniable charms. In casting the lone ballot for Favre in the NFL MVP voting, Cooney denied Tom Brady the unanimous decision, 49-1.

One has to marvel at Cooney's cockeyed machinations. You: "But, Tom Brady threw 50 TD passes. And, you know, invented penicillin." Cooney: "But Favre had less to work with!"


Be careful, America; that "He had less to work with" argument is a slippery slope. By that reasoning, the Polish cavalry might have deserved World War II Offensive MVP honors.

At any rate, Cooney's holdout juror stance has sparked a spirited debate amongst those who don't realize that the vote was most likely cast as a publicity stunt. Among other things, it has spawned what is — according to our research — the longest message board post ever written. Anybody get through the entire thing? Me neither. But it's still better than the typical Jay Mariotti column.

The Lone Favre MVP Vote Came From ... [Packers Blog]