All told, and we mean no offense to the legend here, but we think we preferred the older, fatter Joe Gibbs to the one we see today.

The new Gibbs wasn't the savior many hoped he would be, but he did at least clean the place up a little after the Steve Spurrier debacle. We don't think he added much to his legacy, but he didn't set it on fire either.

The good news, 'Skins fans: Daniel Snyder is still in charge! Uh-oh.

Come back, Joe!

You can challenge all of the obvious fumbles you want. Feel like calling back-to-back timeouts? Have at it! Hell, I'll even let all of the Jesus bullshit slide for another season or so, just don't leave us with that smarmy prick in charge of our franchise!


See ya, Joe. Enjoy all that NASCAR.