The sad, terrifying truth about this summer's "Who's Now?" segment on ESPN is that it was a huge success. It ended up being one of the most searched terms on Seriously. We suppose we shouldn't find this too surprising; it seems like exactly the type of thing teenagers search for, and those teenagers definitely understand the series of tubes. Why do you think our Jessica Simpson posts do so well?

Anyway, considering it's not going away, how can we make it tolerable to humans who are able to walk upright and write their names in the ground with a stick? The Grand National Championships has some suggestions.

The Panel must not be other ESPN personalities. If you want to discuss the nowness of an athlete, analysts and panelists should not be your weapon of choice. If you want people to care about the show, a good thing to do would be to practice an avoidance of Disnergy. So what do you need?

A diverse mix of people who don't know enough about sports and can talk in front of a camera. Why do you want a sports show with people who don't know enough about sports? Simple. If you're now, a Patton Oswalt or a Robert Evans will be able to acknowledge your existence. If you aren't?

We'll confess: We'd watch Who's Now? if it had Patton Oswalt and Robert Evans.

I Can Save Who's Now [The Grand National Championships]