Look, from now on, when a costumed bee tackles a naked man during an English League soccer match — and then does about a half-hour Bee Victory Dance to celebrate the feat — I want to be informed immediately. I'm just seeing this now? Inexcusable. Hirshey, or someone, will pay. Now, on with the show. Due to male streaker nudeness, including an appearance by Mr. Happy, the video is after the jump. It's Not Safe For Work! Even if you're a bee.

Owned Streaker
Uploaded by Zegoat

The Burnley Bee actually became somewhat of a celebrity after this, earning his own paragraph on the Burnley Football Club's Wikipedia page, which included this sentence: "In the 2006-07 season, the Bee was also joined by Holland's Pies Stan the Pie Man, due to a sponsorship deal."

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