OK, everyone, it's the best football weekend of the year. Seriously: Four awesome games, all weekend. What more could someone want?

The first game is perhaps the least intriguing, which is kind of amazing, considering it might be Brett Favre's last game in Green Bay. (Boy, does that phrase sound familiar.)

Let's go to the predictions from around the Interwebs:

Cool Standings: Packers.
Football Outsiders: Packers.
Matt Pitzer: Seahawks.
Dan Shanoff: Packers.
With Leather: Packers.
Michael David Smith: Seahawks.
• Big Daddy Drew: Packers.
AJ Daulerio: Packers.
• DEADSPIN: Packers. We know Green Bay has struggled lately, and they're hardly as dominant at home as usual ... but sorry, we just can't see Matt Hasselbeck charging off Lambeau Field victorious in Favre's potential last game there.

Your thoughts?