For whatever reason, everyone seems to be sleeping on this game. We are wary of that; this seems like the game with the most potential to be a wild 41-38, last second field goal type of game.

But if you listen to pretty much everybody talking about the game ... well, nobody trusts Norv.


Cool Standings: Chargers.
Football Outsiders: Colts.
Matt Pitzer: Colts.
Dan Shanoff: Colts.
With Leather: Colts.
Michael David Smith: Colts.
• Big Daddy Drew: Colts.
AJ Daulerio: Colts.
• DEADSPIN: Chargers. Seriously, everyone: This team, Gates or no, they're pretty talented, right? We didn't imagine that, did we? For one day, we say Norv is vindicated.

Your thoughts?