You know what would really blow people's minds? If Jessica Simpson would have dated Eli Manning instead. Man, those guys would have some scintillating conversations.

Anyway, everyone's hyped about this game, but we're wary. It has the feel of one of those "end of the best weekend of football snoozers." That's a brand name term we just invented.

The picks, y'all.

Cool Standings: Giants.
Football Outsiders: Cowboys.
Matt Pitzer: Cowboys.
Dan Shanoff: Cowboys.
With Leather: Giants.
Michael David Smith: Cowboys.
• Big Daddy Drew: Cowboys.
AJ Daulerio: Giants.
• DEADSPIN: Cowboys. We have a sneaking suspicion Owens is going to go nuts. And by that, we mean "play well," not what he usually does.

Your thoughts?