Considering the NFL playoffs don't begin until 4:30 and you can't sleep in until 4 on Saturdays anymore (ah, freshman year), the afternoon consists of very little beyond college basketball. So my retro video game recommendation today is Kid Chamelon for the Sega Genesis. Back then it was very meta to play a video game where the premise is that the main character is playing a video game. Back then you also had to blow on cartridges.

And look how cool he is! Hair gel, sunglasses, leather jacket, and blue jeans with rolled up pant legs. Dude must have, like, a buttload of pogs.


This Just Started — NCAA basketball: NC State at North Carolina. Tyler ... "Hans-bro" or "Hans-burrow?" We cannot move forward until we clear this up. [ESPN]

12:30 p.m. — PGA Tour; Sony Open, second round, Honolulu. Oddly enough, highlights of this tournament will be available on HD DVD. [Golf Channel]

1 p.m. — Movie: Orange County. "Why do you feel the need to waste time on TV listing posts?" "Because THAT'S ... what you DO ... after Fridays!" [Comedy]


1:30 p.m. — NCAA basketball: Vanderbilt at Kentucky. Vandy center Andrew "A.J." Ogilvy has no middle name. The J is arbitrarily added on. That doesn't seem fair. [CBS]

2 p.m. — NCAA basketball: Connecticut at Georgetown. Wow, I don't recognize a name on the UConn men's basketball roster. That hasn't happened since, well, last year. [ESPN]

2 p.m.Made: Zach wants to be a figure skater. He didn't specify if he wanted to be a talented one. We can easily arrange that. [MTV]

3 p.m. — NCAA basketball: Arizona at Houston. UH fans are smelling an upset. No, wait... that's just New Orleans. [ESPN2]

4 p.m. — Snowboarding: Jeep King of the Mountain, Telluride, Colorado. Since I've built it up in my head that this event consists of snowboarders dodging Jeep Wranglers, I'll change the channel disappointed. [CBS]

4:30 p.m. — NFL Playoffs: Seahawks at Packers. Mike Holmgren, in his pregame speech to his team, will stress the importance of Quaker Oatmeal. It's the right thing to do. [FOX]