I'm trying hard to remember the hardest I was ever hit in the head. It might've been when I was three or four, and the kid down the street struck me right in the coconut with a croquet mallet. Even at an early age, I probably should have been aware that his wielding of a croquet mallet was unsafe due to the mallet's head was well over mine, and I might have opted to step aside. This thought never entered my head, because the flat, unforgiving portion of the mallet beat it there.

David Banks, however, had little time to react to Edison Miranda's kinda-padded fist landing on the side of his head. It was fast. Miranda didn't even have time to read Banks his rights. [rimshot] But seriously, folks, that's one hell of a right hook.


After the fight, Banks was quoted as saying "Doorway apple pretty carpet Ray Liotta" and then he spit up a teaspoon of bile. You love to see good sportsmanship these days, especially from those who lose.

Friday Night Lights Out [no mas]