Tony Romo is taking all the heat today — it's gonna get to the point that he's going to want to stop wanting to even make the playoffs — but the Cowboys' collapse yesterday was a true team effort. Despite the rosy denials of Cowboys boosters, this was a devastating loss in every possible way. (Look how it made T.O. cry!) Heck, the loss so disoriented coach Wade Phillips that he lost his car keys. That has to be humiliating. And that final "drive" by the Cowboys, in a way, was far more gruesome an indictment of Tony Romo than that botched snap ever was.

Meanwhile, Eli Manning is either looking like a legitimate starting quarterback ... or setting the stage for the most epic collapse of all in Green Bay next week. (Or both.) Either way ... next Sunday's NFC championship game is gonna look a lot prettier on TV now than we all thought it was going to.


But seriously, though: If Romo every makes a playoff game again, we hope it's in a low pressure spot, so that he does not explode into a plume of smoke.