One of the fun parts of the Internets is that once you have introduced something to the series of tubes, called "posting," it never really goes away even if you try to delete it. (Which is why this still exists.) So WDBO Radio in Florida's "scoop" this morning, which they then deleted from their site, is of course still out there. So, the question is begged: Did Randy Moss get hit with a restraining order or not?

The fact that the radio station pulled their big scoop off the Web would seem to imply that it's not real, or that they have the wrong Randy Moss. But the reporter was just on WEEI Radio in Boston reading the affidavit and assuring listeners that it is the real Randy Moss.


So then, just for the sake of discussion ... what's the alleged story? Here's a highlight from the cached page:

New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss has been hit with a temporary injunction for protection against dating violence. According to the victim, he committed a battery upon her causing serious injury and then refused to allow her to seek medical attention.

The affidavit reveals Moss cannot come within 500 hundred feet of the victim and cannot use or possess firearms.

It's worth noting that we corrected several spelling errors in that "story." But yeah: WDBO either made a huge mistake in identification, got a nasty cease-and-desist, or both. But the reporter, found right here, is still out there touting her story. So something's going on, anyway.

Moss Hit With Temporary Restraining Order (Cached) [WDBO]

(UPDATE: And look here: The story's back on the site, live. So here we go.)

(SECOND UPDATE: The Boston Herald has the story, and Moss has acknowledged it. So this'll be fun to talk about all week.)