All this talk of players leaving early for the NFL Draft got us, and The Angry T, thinking: Who made the dumbest decisions to apply early for professional drafts?

We're tempted to go with Leon Smith, but we suspect he would have cracked up no matter when he went pro. The Angry T makes a compelling case for Korleone Young.

Drafted by Detroit, who had the theory "well if a high school kid thinks he's good enough to play in the NBA, he's probably right", Young played in 3 career NBA games. This was 1998 of course, amid the drafting of high school kids with talent, but because of all the talent to come around that time (Garnett, Bryant, McGrady, etc.), Young sticks out like a sore thumb. As of 2006, Korleone was still playing in Europe.

Something to keep in mind, as the meat market grinds on.

Stay As Long As You Can [The Angry T]