For the second time in just more than a week, Stephen A. Smith appeared on Chris Matthews' "Hardball" last night. It makes perfect sense, so much so that we wonder if Smith is employed by the wrong channel.

Smith appeared on the program to discuss Sen. Barack Obama's debate performance the other evening, and it was vintage Stephen A.

Here's how he started his comments:

I was totally BORED, Chris, I was totally bored and I was DISGUSTED. I thought Barack Obama took a significant step back.

Yes! This is what our political landscape has been missing: Absolute certainty, expressed at maximum volume, that tramples over anything resembling subtle discourse. Wait: That's exactly what political punditry is. Smith was, oddly, a compelling presence, a guy beamed in from a different planet to yell at us with the authority of Zeus.


As blog Hullabaloo points out, all you really have to do is replace "Barack Obama" with "Kobe Bryant," and you have every single appearance Stephen A. has made on ESPN. But somehow, in the political realm, where the goal actually is to scream louder than everyone else, Stephen A. made perfect sense. Expect more appearances from Stephen A., without question. We can only dream of Stephen A. at some point moderating a debate; GOVERNOR ROMNEY YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR POSITION ON THESE CHEESY DOODLES WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF.

They've Really Come Full Circle [Hullabaloo]

Here's video of the segment: