They're underway in the second half and we've already seen Tom Brady throw an interception off of a tipped ball. Everybody but Phil wants to see Billy Volek but Marmalard is still getting plenty on his throws when he has time. They have a got a first down inside the the twenty and it looks like we're in for another good half of action. Follow along after the jump...

-New England's red zone defense clamps down again, and again it's Nate Kaeding for the three pointer.

New England 14 - 12 San Diego

-Finally New England's offense decides to participate in the fun. Kool-Aid Maroney is moving them down the field with ease.


-After a great drive Brady tossed an easy interception to Cromartie in the endzone, who proceeded to return the ball to all of five yards. Nice move dumbass.

-Marmalard's got the ball and he wants a lead.

-But not bad enough. Pats ball, which means the Chargers chances of scoring a touchdown just tripled.

End of the Third Quarter

-Holy shit, it's freezing outside. I thought it was only cold in New England and Wisconsin!

Start of the Fourth Quarter

-And the Pats start driving immediately.

-They got the ball down the field but I was in the bathroom, now it's in the red zone.


-TOUCHDOWN, TOM BRADY TO WES WELKAH! And Patriot nation rejoices with their ivory gods!

New England 21 - 12 San Diego

-Marmalard just kind of flipped it in the general direction of Darren Sproles, for some reason the Pats fans cry for grounding. Oh I know why, they're the spoiled fucking brats of sports fans.

-There's a big 3rd conversion for the Chargers. Once again they look to Antonio Gates. That makes three looks and 2 catches. I'd recommend more of both. Turner keeps things going with another first down, and we see a replay of Marmalard diving like Gregorio Paulisetti. What a competitor! /Mike Patrick

-Rodney Harrison just decked Marmalard for roughly the fifth time. His transition from safety to defensive end sure went smoothly. The Pats are getting it back.

-Maroney continues to run wild on the Chargers defense, which just makes me think of this ridiculous TBL post from a while back and laugh like a little girl (don't forget to check the comments!).


-If Massholes were better people they would have loved Kevin Faulk for the last decade the way they've loved Wes Welker for six months.

-Maroney and Faulk keep doing their thing. Maybe LaDainian should just take the helmet off already.

-You know what's fun to do during the commercials? Download porn! Apparently the internet is full of the stuff.


-Another first down for Maroney, and this one is over. These fucking cocksuckers don't even have the decency to cover the spread. Get fucked, shitheads.

Final Score: New England 21 - 12 San Diego