Larry Brown offers us a fond, cute little footnote in the epic catastrophe that is 2007 SHOTY winner Isiah Thomas' tenure with the New York Knicks. Brown wasn't exactly Mr. Sunshine and Rainbows with that team — and he clearly stopped giving a crap 10 games in — but Isiah has made sure that Brown will be remembered as the guy who gave up his seat to Richie Valens.

Anyway, he's talking to Daulerio's gang over at Philadelphia Magazine about just how awful it all was.

Brown accused the Knicks of having "spies throughout the arena" during his one season with the team in a story in the February issue of "Philadelphia" magazine. Brown also complained about the way he was treated by the organization.

"Imagine when you get to work, they don't talk to you," he said. "They had security people standing close to me in press conferences, and spies throughout the arena."

It's worth noting that Brown was paid $18.5 million to leave the Knicks. But still: What's crazy about this story is not whether it's true; it's that, because it's the Knicks, it doesn't even seem the slightest bit shocking. Security people intimidating you? Spies? Why not? It's the Knicks!


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