As first pointed out by Bloody Elbow — which is an awesome name for a blog, even if it is about ultimate fighting — and brought to our attention today by FanIQ, this is Melvin Costa, an MMA fighter who is also a white supremacist. (That's a Nazi tattoo on his chest. Really.) That is only slightly offset by the tattoo just above his groin, which helpfully states: "I Have A Small Penis."

Still: White supremacist. In an interview a while back, he tried to explain that, you know, Nazism isn't about the hate.

Sam Caplan: Can you go into detail about what some of your vews as a white nationalist are? Melvin Costa: First and foremost I want the people out there not to mix up love for my own with hate for others. I don't hate any other race. I love my own. That's what I'm about pretty much; the advancement of my people, my culture, (and) my heritage.

Sam Caplan: So your assertion by wearing a swastika is that you're not neccessarily against other races, you're just for the white race? Melvin Costa: Yes, exactly. A swastika, as far as I hold it true to my own, it stands for the purity of my people's blood. It doesn't stand for hating jews or any other ethnic race. If you look into the meaning of a swastika from a nationalist's point of a view, it's for the purity of our own race. I do believe in the purity, security, and the survival of the white race. I don't believe in hate crimes or going about the cultural advancement of your people in that avenue, but I do believe in supporting your local white boy and being proud of your people and your past. It's a part of who you are. You deny that and you deny yourself.

We don't know what he did in prison to earn that "small penis" tattoo ... but we are pretty certain he deserved it.

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