After we helped introduce the planet to Stephen A. Smith's blog (and then watched in horror as it got way too ugly in there), Stephen A. came out today and let everybody know that he plans on blogging his fingers off. In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine ... wait ... oh our gorsh ... he's talking to Daulerio!

We're not sure if Stephen A. quite made the connection, but he made it clear to Daulerio that he's not taking this blogging thing likely.

We got the sense that Smith doesn't quite grasp the enormity of his online detractors. He's excited about receiving 10,000 unique visitors in the first 36 hours, but is seemingly oblivious to the fact that most of those visits came from other sports blogs making fun of him.

"I realize I'm a polarizing figure," he says. "I want people to disagree with what I say. I want them to forget my persona for a second, or the fact that I appear to be a bit demonstrative or bombastic [on radio and television]. I want people to respond to the words coming out of my mouth or that I write as opposed to the persona. But once they start using the n-word and get derogatory, they won't be on there anymore."

So, let's continue to welcome Stephen A. with open arms. You are one of us ... one of us ... one of us ... ONE OF US.


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