Monday afternoon, we'll be heading to Phoenix/Tempe/Glendale/whatever for our trip to Super Bowl XLII. We're going to be writing two columns a day, plus doing the site, all on West Coast time. So forgive the oncoming cavalcade of spelling mistakes. But the day the site will really suffer will be the Friday before the game. That's because Thursday night is The Official Deadspin Super Bowl Party.

What is The Official Deadspin Super Bowl Party, you ask? Good question! We're not sure ourselves! Basically, so much of the week of the Super Bowl revolves around the eternal question: Think you'll be able to get in the (insert name of magazine with naked or pseudo-naked people in it) party? The line's around the block. But we hear Matt Leinart might be there! (This is a joke: Matt Leinart will be at every party, including a kegger thrown by a few Arizona State grad students.)


Ours will not be like that; ours is open for everyone. If you've been rejected from a party, or just decide you can't look at any more nearly naked people and need the loving embrace of fellow sports enthusiasts/social outcasts, you are welcome at the Deadspin party. There Will Be Booze.

We'll be reminding you about it over the next week, but if you're gonna be in the Phoenix area, it's Thursday night, 7:30 p.m., at Zipps Sports Grill in Scottsdale. The party is ours. The night is young. Screw the Maxim party; it's a party hosted by a blog!

Zipps Sports Grill