Rarely do commenters on other sites even come close to the wit and wisdom of our own Deadspin Army of Darkness (sorry if that sounds like sucking up, but independent studies have proven this to be true). Occasionally, though, one catches my eye with a tape measure home run. Such was the case yesterday over at The Sporting News, when commenter Guliani For President (Ha! Please take note, Midwestcoastbias!) chimed in on the latest Tom-Brady-Is-He-Or-Isn't-He-Wearing-A-Protective-Boot story.

"Brady should have fun with this... every time he goes out in public he should put a cast on.. and just keep switching from one foot..to another... put a fake cast on his arm.. put a neck brace on when driving to practice.. just to give these so-called reporters something to yap about." — Giuliani For President on Thu Jan 24, 2008 02:08 pm


It would be the best Super Bowl Week story ever — and would exhibit a sense of humor that Bill Belichick simply doesn't possess — for Brady to show up in Glendale in a fake full body cast. OK reporters, guess the injury! It could be anything! And for extra amusement, the middle finger on one hand could be plastered in the upright position. But I like GFP's suggestion as well: Have Brady switch the protective boot from one foot to another on any given day. If nothing else the whole thing would make Tom Coughlin's head explode.

Oh, and as for the original story itself, it's just the usual Belichick I'm-not-talking BS. Don't bother.

Other ways to liven up Super Bowl Week:

• Randy Moss kidnapped, buried alive, busts out of grave using techniques learned from Chinese martial arts master.

• A tiger is loose in the stadium! And Lawrence Tynes has the only gun!

• Michael Strahan kissing booth.

• Al Davis demonstrates the firepower of this fully armed an operational battle station.

• Naked Rick Majerus.

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