• Hey, the book came out.
• Dana Jacobson got suspended, and then showed up in a fun picture.
• Rick Majerus respects a woman's right to choose.
• Who are the wizards who came up with this campaign?
• Not the best way for Brett to go out.
• Matt Hughes likes us.
• Stephen A. Smith becomes the blogger we always knew he was.
• Sorry, we still think this is amazing.
• These fans are more cold than they are hot.
Bowling defense.
• Brady is just having fun with us.
• Don't forget our Super Bowl party next week.
Joe Namath = Eli Manning. Maybe. Probably not.
• A dumb flap with Mark Cuban.
• We are not good at basketball.

Whew: That was quite a week. We think we slept a total of about 14 hours all week. Worth it, though! Sad news, though: This is the final weekend on Deadspin for the great J.E. Skeets. So go give him some Canadian love; we will miss him tremendously. We'll be back on Monday, when we'll be doing the site and packing for Arizona. See you then.