Back when it started, we had a little fun with Hashmarks, ESPN's NFL blog, but it's clearly come around a little bit. (And it's certainly kicking our ass with Super Bowl coverage, that's for sure, if you're into that whole "Bill Belichick looks relaxed" type of thing.) But his description of the "media" party at the Super Bowl party last night reminds us why we were probably better off stuck in Glendale.

Because, yes, the Gin Blossoms were there. And he liked them!

In a rather surprising development, the Gin Blossoms provided entertainment for the evening. In 1994, this would've been a coup for the Host Committee. Last night, it was just sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a sucker for "Hey Jealousy" and "Till I Hear it From You," but you could tell that the four members of the band were beaten men. Lead singer Robin Wilson opened the set with a rousing "Hello Super Bowl 42 press corps, welcome to Arizona!" It was one of those moments where you didn't want to make eye contact with anyone for at least four or five minutes.

After a few songs, Wilson ordered a vodka and Red Bull from the stage. He then asked if his band members could have a few shots of Jack Daniels. The fact that he asked if the drinks were free makes me wonder about the band's finances. I never saw these men at their peak, but I'm thinking they probably didn't order drinks from the stage.

God, that sounds awful. To think we could have watched that with Paul Zimmerman. We would have told him that this is truly what the kids are listening to. That, and "the Music Factory."


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