ESPN scoured its message boards to find its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comment, and chose this one above all others ...

• "I am a Twins fan, and I love a quiet winter, but this is baseball, not nature." — Huckel39

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• "As a Mavericks fan, I posted this score as my wallpaper. Priceless." — Rangerfan04

(Re: Seattle 88, San Antonio 85)

• As a Mavericks fan....and a Rangers fan....and an Aggie alum.... I am blindly loyal to all things Texas for no good reason whatsoever.-StarsCowboysBushFan04 — Katni


• As a Maverick fan, I posted a picture of Mel Gibson as my wallpaper. Priceless.-sugartits69 — Ukrainenotweak

(Note: James Garner is the only Maverick.)

• "As a ceiling fan, I circulate the air around. Refreshing."-appliancefan04 — Weed Against Speed