After a week of drivel so repetitive that we were reduced to writing this, we finally land, inevitably, on the game itself. Whew. That took forever.

No more football until September. Enjoy it.

The picks, y'all.

Cool Standings: Patriots.
Football Outsiders: Patriots, "by some score that will make Giants fans angry."
Matt Pitzer: Patriots 38, Giants 17.
Dan Shanoff: Patriots 41, Giants 17.
With Leather: Patriots 52, Giants 20.
Michael David Smith: Patriots 30, Giants 20.
• Big Daddy Drew: Patriots 30, Giants 20.
AJ Daulerio: Giants 33, Patriots 30.
• DEADSPIN: Patriots 44, Giants 17. Yep: This one feels like an early '90s blowout.

Your thoughts?