• Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.
• The glamor of Glendale.
Larry Johnson rocks.
Gin Blossoms.
• Gilbert Arenas likes the book. (Well, that part about him, anyway.)
• Jerramy Stevens is kind of evil.
• A blog is the only place you can read Stephen A.
• Welcome back, Chris Anderson.
• Media Day is completely stupid.
• Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte are no longer BFF.
Book tourin'.
• Enjoy Johan Santana, Mets fans.
• The image is still scaring us.

All right. It's the "Super" "Bowl" on Sunday, and Mr. Matt Sussman will be taking you through the whole thing. We will still be writing our Times and Sporting News columns over the weekend, and we'll be back the day after the big game. We're tellin' ya: Blowout's coming. We're going to try to actually go outside and enjoy Phoenix now.