Every current NFL city has at least played in or hosted a Super Bowl, with the exception of ... you guessed it, Cleveland. So I guess there's no reason to discuss them at hahaha I had you going there for a second.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown wrote a letter to NFL conquistador d'amore Roger Goodell, imploring him to recognize the 1948 Cleveland Browns as one of two — aw, who are we kidding, three — perfect teams in pro football history:

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

I want to bring to your attention a disparity in the records of professional football. While the National Football League (NFL) compiles player statistics from the All-America Football Conference (AAFC), it does not capture team and championship records.


The records of the AAFC preserve an important era in professional football and provide a greater understanding of the history of your sport. Capturing and recording the history from the founding years of one of your greatest franchises will add to the great sense of pride felt by fans of the Browns and the other NFL teams that once participated in the AAFC.

To date Sen. Brown hasn't heard back from the commissioner. Well, jeez, why is Goodell slacking off on the job? Does he have somewhere important to be this weekend or something?

One more gem from the letter:

I wish to take nothing away from the undefeated 1973 Miami Dolphins...

I don't think the '73 team will mind.

Yeah, yeah, "your tax dollars at 'work' " and such. But think of it this way: when politicians use company stationary to make petulant points about athletics, it makes blogging at work seem less criminal.


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(Heads up thanks to Fark)