Andy Pettitte spoke today at Yankees camp about steroids. He said all the right things, and answered all the questions in all the right ways, the way baseball players have always said the right things and answered all the questions in all the right ways, for generations: Show a sliver of humanity, talk with brio "like a man," don't fully admit to anything (he actually claimed he didn't take HGH for an advantage. Makes sense) but generally show remorse about a vague unnamed, concept finish up with, "I'm just ready to go out there and play baseball."

Honestly? For most of the way, Pettitte had the exact same facial expression he would have if he'd just been shelled for six runs in the first inning. (He teared up a little in the middle, but not because he seemed full of remorse; it was because he was the center of attention, and he hates that.) This is progress, we think. None of the Roger Clemens puffed-face anger and subsequent befuddlement. None of the MY REPUTATION IS ON THE LINE indignation. Just answering a bunch of questions, then heading out to play baseball. Don't look behind the curtain. Just move on.


He's completely full of bullshit. But we nevertheless agree with him, across the board.