We don't know many Sonics fans, but if we did, we'd mostly be tiptoeing around them these days. It's one thing to make fun of a Knicks fan; at least the Knicks aren't going anywhere. (Sadly.) But Sonics fans ... what can you say to them these days?

Public radio fella John More tried to grapple with this over the weekend, with a depressing outcome: People are officially shifting to the Trail Blazers.

What's heartbreaking for fans is that in this fight, the bad guys, the guys who want to take away the team, are referred to as The Sonics, the same name of the team the fans have loved for over 40 years. Continuing to buy tickets puts money in those owners' pockets. But to walk away from the team violates the way you've been living as a fan for your whole life. You can't cheer. It feels wrong to boo, and you're too passionate to simply stop caring.

What those Oklahoma City owners are doing to the city of Seattle is downright mean. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. Here's to sports!

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