Kelvin Sampson and the University of Indiana have reached an agreement that will pay the coach $750,000 to get the fuck out of Bloomington. The overzealous recruiter has also agreed not to sue the school for wrongful termination. Although the Hoosiers have rid themselves of Sampson they still have a few issues to deal with.

Assistant Dan Dakich was named interim coach and led a brief workout Friday that was skipped by six players, including senior captain D.J. White. Armon Bassett, Jordan Crawford, Jamarcus Ellis, DeAndre Thomas and Brandon McGee also were not on the court at practice, prompting speculation of a player boycott of tonight's game at Northwestern.

Eric Gordon would have joined his teammates in the protest, but apparently he doesn't really give a shit who's coaching. Even when the players do return (and you bet your ass they'll return) the program won't be out of the deep end. The NCAA typically frowns on schools who employ coaches who in turn stalk recruits over the phone, so it's only a matter of time before sanctions are levied.

I wonder if the Big 10 can get Talib Kweli to record a new verse about this scandal.