ESPN scoured its message boards this morning to finds its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comment, and chose this one above all others ...

• "Stop talking about Tiger being the best golfer ever, start talking about the best athlete ever." — ryguy464

Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Day, plus a Featured Deadspin response or two ...

• "Basing off W-L isn't viable until the divisions and scheduling are better balanced." — Mentaleffigy

(Re: NFL playoffs)

• Reading comments off the W-W-L isn't viable until the readers and commenters are better balanced, neurochemically. — SportsCentre


• If you could just go ahead and base your TPS reports off the new cover sheet, that would be great. — Creepmouse

• I never use wins to determine the most winning team... that would just be stupid. — gbaked