Honestly, it can't be easy to be an attractive female sideline reporter. Well, OK: The job doesn't look THAT hard; how many different ways can you ask a coach what he told his team at halftime? (Of course, he could always attack you.)

The problem, we'd think, is that you're often the only woman the gaggle of professional sports people actually see, which means, no matter what, you're going to be rumored to be dating some athlete or coach. Get a bunch of sports media guys together, and without fail, the conversation will inevitably turn to sideline reporters, their attractiveness level, who they're sleeping with so on. This happens every time. It must be hard to, you know, actually do your job sometimes. Particularly when you're as attractive and seemingly well-grounded as Erin Andrews.


So, you know, the obligatory vote. Do you like the Erin Andrews? Do you not like the Erin Andrews? Let us know.

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