NHL Closer Greg Wyshynski, of FanHouse and The Fourth Period. He is also the author of Glow Pucks And 10-Cent Beer, discusses what happened during today's NHL trade deadline.

What the NHL Trade Deadline lacked in quantity, it made up for in "holy shit the Penguins just traded for Marian Hossa!" In the long run, this could be a very, very good day for the Atlanta Thrashers, as GM Don Waddell played his suitors against each other like a coquette at the debutante ball and ended up with an enormous sale price from Pittsburgh. In the short run, I defer to Deadspin's own Senators Lost Cojones: "I for one welcome our new flightless bird overlords. FUCK!" Deadline awards for winners and losers ahoy!


The Biggest Winner: The Tampa Bay Lightning. As I said on FanHouse, I think the Brad Richards deal was an outstanding one for the Bolts. They shed one of the most overpaid players in NHL history, they snag what could be their starting goalie going forward and add some Jussi depth. Not too shabby.

The Biggest Loser: The Montreal Canadiens lose out on Marian Hossa, get a second-round draft pick for a more-valuable-than-that Cristobal Huet, and are pinning their hopes on a goaltender with the same Stanley Cup Playoff experience as Perez Hilton. Good times. Speaking of Huet...

Biggest Stunner: So this is what George McPhee can do at the deadline when he's not trying to dump salary. The Capitals add Huet, officially signaling the passing of the torch from the Olie Kolzig/Glen Hanlon Capitals to the Bruce Boudreau/Ex-Hershey Bears Capitals. The Capitals also add Matt Cooke and Sergei Fedorov; seriously, there are so many Russians in D.C., I'm surprised we're not hearing air raid sirens right now.


Deadline Time-Waster: Brad Lee's intense inside look at the backroom deals of the trade deadline.

Back To the Future Award: Quick, Marty! We have to go back and get Shjon Podein, Ray Bourque, Alexei Gusarov, Patrick Roy, Patrick Roy, Ville Nieminen, Valeri Kamensky and Sylvain Lefebvre! Forsberg and Adam Foote are waiting!

Unintentionally Hilarious Trade of the Day: After the deadline passed, it was announced that Chris Simon had been traded to Minnesota for a 6th round draft pick. Combine that with the Wild signing the 'roid-o-riffic Sean Hill last summer, and Minny's like the Island of Misfit Ex-Islanders.

Biggest Gamble: Erik Christensen, Colby Armstrong, Angelo Esposito and a first-round pick is a hell of a lot to give up for what could be a few weeks of Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis.

Shit I Called Weeks Ago: Brian Campbell to the Sharks, which is about as perfect a move for San Jose as was available today, besides finding a way to get that disappointment-on-skates Patrick Marleau off its hands.


Finally, the Fight of the Day Between Two Traded Scrubs: Witness the Belakian joy of Wade fighting former Devil Cam Janssen, a native son of St. Louis traded to the Blues. I'm sure they've sold out the rest of the season in anticipation of his homecoming in St. Loo. Meanwhile, Belak has been traded to Florida for a fifth round pick. And whomever that fifth-round pick is, he will know he is worth exactly one Wade Belak before ever playing a single game in the NHL. Enjoy: