It has been a long month, what, with all the shameless book shilling, and since we just can't work ourselves into a lather over yet another boring development in the Roger Clemens case, it probably means it's time for us to take a little vacation.

Yep, tomorrow morning, we're heading to the theoretically gorgeous islands of Turks And Caicos to lie around in the sun with flight attendants for an hour or two before heading inside to check Cardinals spring training scores. We will be gone until Monday night.


Worry not: The site is in steady hands. The underrated genius that is Rick Chandler is in charge Thursday and Friday, and new weekend rock star Christmas Ape will take us through Monday. We would be worried about missing something, but honestly, it's February: We all need the rest before the tournament starts. As long as they don't have bookstores in Turks And Caicos, we should be fine.

See you next week, friends. We will miss you more than we care to admit.