If you're planning on attending that March 29 exhibition game between the Dodgers and the Red Sox at the Los Angeles Coliseum, better get your butt in gear; they've already sold 90,000 tickets. An expected 25,000 standing room tickets are soon to go on sale, meaning that the game will most surely break the major league attendance record.

The Dodgers played in the Coliseum through 1961 after moving to LA. The previous record for a baseball game is believed to be 93,103 for a Dodgers vs Yakees exhibition game, which was a fundraiser for Roy Campanella. 92,706 fans attended a World Series game in 1959 as the largest official MLB game attendance.

You should also know that the left field fence at the Coliseum is only 200 feet from home plate. But don't get too excited; they're going to add a 62-foot-high screen to make a Green Monster Jr. That should be cool, come to think of it. And watch out for those foul liners down the right-field line; those stands look pretty close.

So, they can draw 115,000 to a baseball game, yet an NFL football franchise is out of reach? I just don't understand Los Angeles.

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