So you probably new that NASCAR has its own Erin Andrews (although I prefer the original). But did you know that Nicole Manske has her sights set on the NFL? Manske, a former Miss Illinois Teen USA and native of Rockton, Ill. (where she was a high school cheerleader on the same squad with Danica Patrick), was a host on Speed Channel until recently moving over to ESPN to host NASCAR Now. But her plans most likely do not stop there.

From an interview with Ft. Wayne Observed:

"What's on the horizon? I would love to work with the NFL; that has always been my dream. I worked in Indianapolis and the year after I left, the Colts won the Super Bowl. So I rooted against them last season against New England just for spite. But then I see Tony Dungy's face, and it's really all about him. And I see him and I can't root against them."

And from Wikipedia:

After spending years as a blonde, Manske dyed her hair back to its natural brunette color in time for the September 16, 2007 edition of the The Speed Report. She is also a big fan of the National Football League's Green Bay Packers.

Now that's a resume! Suck it, Condoleeza Rice!

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