• Help! I don't know how it works!
Bob Knight is an ESPN analyst! I see no way this can end badly.
The St. Louis Cardinals post that almost wasn't.
• Canadian hockey players remind us that high school is supposed to be fun.
Will goes on a tropical island vacation, wakes up in the Scottish military.
Jay Mariotti! (shakes fist)
Jon Stewart played soccer for William & Mary! We have proof!
Sean Salisbury leaves ESPN, and takes Lil' Sean with him.
• Drama and chuckles at the NFL draft combine
• Brett Favre retired! Wait, no he didn't!
We love us some Erin Andrews.

That's it for a week in which nothing much was supposed to happen, but somehow did. Stay tuned for weekend coverage of your favorite major league spring training games, and various NFL free agent maneuvers, courtesy of the stylish Matt Sussman. Then, Christmas Ape will guide the ship into calmer waters, hopefully, on Monday, and Will returns from vacation on Tuesday. That's it for me folks. My lady and I are going to go and spend some quality weekend time. Later.