Storming the Floor mentioned this yesterday, and now we have the moving picture evidence of the water bottle heave during the Arizona-USC game on Thursday night.

The As the USC blog All Things Trojan points out, Arizona head coach Kevin O'Neill did everything to try and prevent events like this. He made a video ... he tried everything!


Not only is throwing a water bottle onto the court dumb in a general setting, it's downright suicidal in Tucson, Arizona. Imagine if Minnesota fan chucked a parka toward halfcourt. (This is, of course, imagining that a Minnesotan has the ability to be a dick.) Either way you're gonna need that item to survive in the harsh, unforgiving elements. Which is why you never see Duke fans try and hit the opposing team's players with their trust fund.

..what? Oh, right, the video:

Stay Classy, Tucson [LA Times/All Things Trojan]