First of all, fighting a giant inflatable version of yourself is nothing unique; I have that dream about every other night. Secondly, you're the Chicago Bulls mascot ... the fact that your girlfriend is sleeping around is the least of your problems.

If you can't see the video for some reason, what we have here is Benny the Bull on The Jerry Springer Show, being told by his girlfriend that there's "someone else." That someone is a larger, plastic Benny the Bull, and of course violence ensues. But there are so many ways that it could have been funnier. The girlfriend's new guy could have been Steely McBeam, for instance. Or Bill Belichick. Of course it's all fake anyway, just like an actual Bulls game.

Mostly though I'm just glad to be reminded that Jerry Springer has in no way wasted his life.


Distract Your Irate Fans With Crappy TV: Benny The Bull Gets The Beatdown On Jerry Springer [100 Percent Injury Rate]

(They've been playing this at Bulls games lately. Makes sense.)