Trey Wingo's real name, in case you're wondering, is Hal Chapman Wingo III. Our family's naming conventions require the son to name his first son after his father, which means our name is William Franklin Leitch III, and our father's is William Bryan Leitch II. We've tried to come up with a good nickname for "William Bryan Leitch III," and we have considered "Trey." We're not sure we're gonna go in that direction, though.

Anyway, Wingo hasn't made too many appearances on this site, and his most famous cameo was in the background of the Dana Jacobson vodka photo. We can't imagine what that night must have been like for him. Someday, maybe we'll all know the story. If we dare.

So: Do you like the Trey Wingo? Do you not like the Trey Wingo? Let us know.

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