In one of those stories that we're sure is being blown out of proportion but just can't help but pile onto anyway, it appears that people within the Houston Rockets — who apparently, in the midst of a 16-game winning streak, need something to worry about — are concerned that Yao Ming's rehabilitation is being handled in the wrong way. That is to say: It's being handled by the Chinese government, which is using "traditional Chinese treatment methods.

It's not clear whether this is ginseng, or acupuncture, or just a bunch of people whacking him with sticks, but we can understand why the Rockets might be somewhat concerned. When we think of non-Western medicine — not that China is some tiny, struggling country, mind you — we always think of the end of Man In The Moon, when Andy Kaufman is being "treated" for his cancer.


Of course, it's not like our medicine is so hot either. Heck, even Airborne's full of crap now. But if Yao gets fibromyalgia, man, we've got him covered over here.

Oh, Yeah, This Sounds Like A Great Idea [The Howeva Files]