Of all the brilliance of the great Berman videos, our third biggest thrill (behind the initial outrage and the deux deux deux) involves his rants about Al Michaels. As we said before, in this tiny little universe, Berman seems to see Michaels as Mozart, and himself as Salieri. Which is just sad.

Michaels, to us, has always seemed like the epitome of a middle-aged wealthy Los Angeleno; if Woody Allen made a movie about him, he'd be played by Tony Roberts. And lest we forget the great moment in Michaels' career. No, no, not the Miracle On Ice. The time he informed Peter Jennings that a Howard Stern prankster was on the phone during the OJ Simpson Bronco chase.

Also: He was traded for Oswald the lucky rabbit.

Anyway, do you like the Al Michaels? Do you not like the Al Michaels?

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