Storming The Floor was in San Antonio for the NCAA Title Game last night. Check out their full report.

Normally when you head to these destination sporting events, the weather and atmosphere are great, but game always seems to end up sucking balls. With the beautiful weather and atmosphere are already in place in San Antonio, the instant classic championship between Kansas and Memphis basically played out like bonus to a neutral fan like myself. Below are just a small sampling of pictures from the weekend that was at the Final Four.

Beginning the trip to the Final Four on the actual, physical road to the Final Four.

Possibly my favorite picture of the weekend: Duke fans, still in an utter state of disbelief that they didn't make it to the Final Four, decided to just show up anyway.

One of 14,000 advertisements for Coke Zero in San Antonio. The only thing that outnumbered the massive amounts of "The Road Ends Here" signs was the number of Coke Zero ads. Continuing with their domination of college basketball over the weekend, Coke Zero even put up four kids in an RV for a month VIP style and let them blog about it (Will, I'm still waiting for the reimbursement check).

In actual basketball action, the streamers begin to fall as Jayhawks claim their first championship since 1988. As you can tell by my seats, I never got that press credential from the NCAA.

General madness on the court as Jayhawk fans remain stunned that they actual pulled off a nine-point comeback in two minutes.

Kansas fans on the Riverwalk following the victory, just taking a moment to soak in the fact they not only won the National Championship, but they can also play with themselves afterward.

Finally, the best way to cap off an amazing trip: Buying a Memphis National Championship t-shirt that was accidentally put on sale. That's one less t-shirt for you, Mali.