It's Sunday, the grass is green, and the shirt is red. But forget Tiger for now, it's time for the Premier League's biggest match to date. Old Trafford is rocking (probably) and Arsenal is looking to salvage their season with a win over the table topping Red Devils. As a Chelsea fan, I'm obviously praying for a Gunners win to set up an even bigger Manchester/Chelsea match. They'll be getting underway any minute now over on Fox Soccer Channel, so feel free to follow along in the comments section. I'll provide any pertinent updates after the jump.

Update: They're nearing the half in Manchester, and despite some excellent opportunities, the match remains scoreless. Jens Lehman, a man who I have never rooted for a day in my life before today, was barely able to cut off Rooney's angle to stifle Manchester's best scoring chance. Adebayor and the Gunners have made several deep runs (or "penetrating thrusts," if you will) but each has come up fruitless. Van Persie received a rather unfortunate booking, but he shouldn't have any problem staying out of further trouble. It looks as if things will really start to open up in the second half, especially after that inevitable first goal finds its way home.