We thought it would happen during last year's playoffs, but in the wake of a high-profile loss to the Red Sox last night, Indians fans have finally had enough: They're ready to take Joe Borowski out to the woodshed and, you know, do whatever you do to people behind the woodshed.

Over at Clevescene, they're keeping their head about this whole thing. Here's their reaction to last night's game:

Theiona diaevion aeionfvaewoivna!!!?!? Lidsj navienvae!! Hiag!!?@! Ghai;oehg!! $#&%*#&%!! Dihweof weonaweovi oeivna!!

Roughly translated: F*#k!!!!!!

To be fair, anytime Borowski successfully saves a game, nobody notices; it's the blown saves that inspire the overheated reaction. (If the Tigers could ever win, Todd Jones would be going through the same thing.) This is going to get uglier before it gets prettier.

Joe Borowski Blows Another Save [CleveScene]
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