Swoopy-haired USA Today writer Michael Hiestand has a mini-profile of everyone's favorite TV sports princess, Erin Andrews, which attempts to tactfully explain her internet popularity without sounding sleazy or sexist. He succeeds (mostly), and serves up this McDonald's-friendly description:

The online idolatry of her — not seen since Anna Kournikova's cyberspace heyday — runs along the lines of Wayne and Garth, from Wayne's World, saying if she "were a president, she'd be Babe-braham Lincoln."

Yes. Nailed it.

What's even more notable is Andrews own admission that Kirk Herbstreit has a "Timberlake-like" following with college kids. She even says that while she was a spritely co-ed and wannabe sports reporter at the University of Florida, she got a little overwhelmed in the presence of Herbstreit's seductive aura: "My camera didn't work the first time I got a photo with Kirk Herbstreit and, oh my gosh, I'm freaking out..."


All should heretofore bow to the panty-dropping power of Kirk Herbstreit. He's a golden god in a gray-tinted world full of Fowlers and Corsos.

YouTube Clips Can't Tell The Story Of Erin Andrews [USA Today]