As you may know, former Phoenix Sun point guard is running for mayor of Sacramento. Yesterday, his opponent resorted to dirty politics by digging up a 159-page document from the 1996 sexual misconduct allegation against KJ from a 16-year-old girl. In the report, Johnson said he had a friendship with the girl and also said he may have let a hug become "more intimate than it should have been," but said he never had a sexual encounter with the teenager. He was never charged, but well, hmm, it's kind of creepy either way. The whole report is featured on the Sacramento ABC news affiliate's website, including all the predatory details from his then teenage accuser's deposition including this disturbing interaction:

And then, there's this other allegation from 2007 where more teenage girls tell police they don't like it when Mr. Johnson hugs them.

Oh, and the first report in Camelback Mountain? Guess where that is located. If you said near Scottsdale, well, you just won yourself an official Buzzsaw beer bong.


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