ESPN scoured its message boards this morning to find its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comment, and chose this one above all others ...

• "Paul is my MVP choice, but he won't win it quite yet." — enchoffman

(Re: New Orleans vs. Dallas in NBA playoffs)

Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Day, plus a Featured Deadspin Response or two ...

• "Justin Upton's the man. 20 years old! The whole D-Backs lineup is good and young." — jesuiteducation


• (Scene: A dusty ballfield in Santo Domingo, 1994) "Man, Miguel Tejada is the man. Only 17 years old! This whole Dominican Summer League team is good and young." - MarichalInTheFamily — racistmascot

• I'd like to know — who the fuck fills out their espn profile and uses it for social networking? — LenPasquarelli'sStretchMarks