It seems that Deadspin readers have been naughty once again. On Friday many of you infiltrated The Animal Advocate blog comments section, and hilarity, as they say, ensued. But like most parties around here, things may have gone a little too far. Iracane has been notified and a full investigation is underway, but one thing we know for certain: Cat enthusiasts are touchy, and have very sharp claws. To get you up to speed on all of this:

On Friday we brought you the news that some folks were not happy with the Kansas City T-Bones baseball team, who are planning a Michael Vick "Welcome to the Neighborhood Day" at CommunityAmerica Ballpark on May 28. Vick is incarcerated at nearby Leavenworth on a dogfighting conviction, giving the T-Bones the idea to throw a prison-themed promotion. Among other things, the teams that day will play in special prison-themed jerseys, which are to be auctioned off after the game with the proceeds going to local animal rights groups. (UPDATE: It seems that the T-Bones have dropped the jersey idea).

But this did not sit well with some folks, including Kristy Winfrey, who authors the Kansas City-based Animal Advocate blog. Said Winfrey on her blog: "I think they are making a joke of it in a way because they are all dressing up in prison clothes. I think it is inappropriate to do that and to use Michael Vick's name. ... I think it is distasteful. I don't think they should be focusing on Michael Vick going to prison as it clouds the real issue. It is just sick and twisted in my opinion."

However, the top of Ms. Winfrey's blog happens to be festooned with this photo:

Is not dressing a cat as a ladybug just as distasteful as a Michael Vick prison baseball jersey? I say yes. And many Deadspin readers agreed; responding by leaving comments on Ms. Winfrey's blog (all of which have been removed, evidently). But Ms. Winfrey did let it be known what she thought of us:

The nuts (from have come out in droves! There have been many people leaving rude and obnoxious comments about my opinion. It would be nice to actually get some productive comments, rather than these childish insults and observations. Just think if these people could put such effort into something constructive.

And then another salvo:

It is amazing to me how many rude people we have in our society. They can say whatever they want, it doesn't bother me too much because I know that I am a good person. What their comments told me, besides that they were immature and annoying, was that people automatically believe you are a "nutcase" or "crazy cat lady" if they find out you help cats.

Helping cats is laudable, of course. But if you believe as I do that God's great plan includes affording our animal friends a certain degree of dignity, then you will please refrain from dressing your cat as a wizard. Thank you.

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