Anyone watching the Mets-Phillies game on ESPN last night probably noticed the avid political junkie who kept putting up a "HILLARY" sign every time a lefthanded hitter came to the plate.

If you found that annoying, you clearly don't live in Pennsylvania; those guys have been pummeled with ads for weeks now. Daulerio reporters that at least "every third" commercial is a political ad, with the majority coming from Obama, who has considerably more cash on hand.

But this is going to get so much worse. Imagine if the White Sox stay hot and play the Diamondbacks in the World Series? Our World Series will be ruined with Obama's team against McCain's. (If you still think Clinton has a shot, feel free to replace "White Sox" with "Yankees," "Mets," or "Cubs.") Complain all you'd like, but you're not going to be able to hide you head from this election in the sports sand. You should actually cheer for Obama to win Pennsylvania tomorrow just to have a few months off; otherwise ... well, we'll just say we're happy the Pacers and Bobcats aren't in the playoffs.

But yes: They're even courting the WWE vote. Heavens.

Philly For Hillary [The 'Ropolitans]