The Sports Illustrated cover line writers are big fans of glorious returns, obviously. But what makes these particular returns that much more glorious than others? This is the question posed by Deadspin reader Chris Corley, who asks who will be the next Return To Glory.

Right now, it seems like either the Celtics or the Lakers could be poised for a glorious return to SI's creatively-stunted cover stories. Or maybe if the Yankees win the AL East this year, they will reclaim their faded glory in the eyes of SI editors? Or how about them Cowboys? Probably.

But the next time it's used, it should be more appropriate. Like these:

• Seattle Sonics: Return To Glory
• Duke Lacrosse: Return To Glory
• Eddie Griffin: Return To Glory
• Bad Newz Kennels: Return To Glory

Please lend a helping hand and suggest some more in the comments. Thank you.